What’s Hatching

What’s Hatching at Finger Lakes Preserve

We have nurtured our beautiful rainbow trout from certified disease-free fingerlings to the 3 to 7 pound beauties thriving in our pond today. Finger Lakes Preserve is an incredibly healthy aqua-system that provides an abundance of natural food for our trout.   All types of nymphs and flies abound in and above our ponds.  Midges and mayflies begin to emerge in March and April followed by caddis flies and stone flies in mid-May. Large hatches of mayflies continue through the summer culminating with the  emergence of thousands of  Blue Winged Olive mayflies in September. It is so exciting to watch all these flies dance above the water while the trout rise to catch them.

May fly nymph with 7 pairs of gills May fly    Mayfly life cycle Brown Drake  Blue-winged Olive MayflyTrout D2108J

Late spring and early summer bring hundreds of frogs who sing their mating calls around the shoreline.   Soon the shores are thick with little  tad-poles at least until the trout discover them.   There are many crustaceans, minnows and worms and other terrestrials such as grass hoppers, ants, beetles and inch worms. We supplement the abundant natural food with the same balanced fish food diet used by NY State trout hatcheries. In winter we run a powerful aerator to keep a section of the pond ice-free and feed the trout everyday with specially formulated slow sinking pellets.